Turkey Day Tradition

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Russ Gates admits it can seem a bit morbid to others, but each year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, slaughtering Meadowsend Farm’s 65 or so turkeys is a big family affair, grandkids and all. “It’s kind of fun,” the Hopkinton farmer said. For the 15 years he’s raised turkeys, Gates said, “It’s the one time you all get together for something.” This past Sunday, Gates’ son Brian Walters brought his family over from New York for the day. Gate’s other son, Mark, and Gates’ grandson, Andrew, live in Hopkinton and were in the barn to help. A couple family friends came, too, including James Johansen from Deering, who said he was “just a poor sucker” that received a phone call from Gates the night before. Each person manned a different station, from the actual killing to plucking to eviscerating to the final step:...

Blueberry business

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Tuesday afternoon was perfectly ripe for picking. Several people took advantage of the cooler, cloudier (and calmer) day to fill buckets with blueberries at Blue Moon Berry Farm in Warner. Pick-your-own has been open for just two weeks now. Farmer Mike Bux wandered between some of his 3,000 bushes, checking on his customers Tuesday. He found satisfied customers like Epsom resident Mary Jane Cleveland, who planned to make some jam. “Your blueberries,” she told him, “are fabulous.”

Pink 2.0 goes public (radio)

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In commemoration of Pink 2.0 and his last day with us (we went to the slaughterhouse together on Monday), NHPR had me back to talk about the journey. Listen here: http://nhpr.org/post/foodstuffs-life-pig-raised-slaughter-part-ii

Not piglets anymore

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Pink 2.0 and his siblings (plus another litter of pigs) call, rather loudly, for food on the morning of Monday, July 4, 2016. The pigs are nearing their processing weight (and subsequently, are eating a lot more food!) See the latest “A Pig’s Life” installment this coming Wednesday.

See Pink 2.0 eat

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Here’s a little pig vid of Pink 2.0 enjoying breakfast on Monday:    

See Pink 2.0 in action

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Here’s a preview of my visit with piglet Pink 2.0 this week at Miles Smith Farm. Look for the next installment of “A Pig’s Life: From piglet to porkchop” on Wednesday’s Food page in the Concord Monitor.