How to waste less food? Pick the ugly ones

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My colleague David Brooks wrote about the waste problems – and potential solutions – we run into because we all like our fruit and veggies to look pretty. Read here:

Beer, wine at farmers markets?

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In case you missed Sunday’s Monitor, Allie Morris pointed out that Senate Bill 306 has been approved by the Legislature, meaning breweries and vineyards may be able to hand out small samples of beer and wine at farmers markets. The bill still needs the Governor’s signature before it can go into effect. Read the bill text here: Read Allie’s roundup here:

Free frappes

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If you’re passing through Warner and are hankering for a cold coffee-cream concoction Tuesday, you’re in luck. Schoodacs Coffee Shop is handing out free frappes tomorrow 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., one per customer, while supplies last. It is, according to an email, a chance to get feedback on a new recipe, which includes REAL cream. If you plan on going, head over to their Facebook page and tell them: See you there.

Culinary pros at Concord Regional Technical Center

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My colleague Nick Stoico did a fabulous story on the Concord Regional Technical Center students who’ve made it to the regional and national levels of the ProStart Invitational culinary competition. Check it out:

Women on the farm

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That women are an integral part of New Hampshire agriculture is a no-brainer for Diane Souther. “They were always doing the work,” she said during a recent interview at Apple Hill Farm in Concord. “There’s not many farms where they’re not involved.” Souther, for instance, co-founded and co-runs her fruit and vegetable farm with her husband, Chuck. While she tends to focus on the business side of things, they are very much partners. “I can drive a tractor just like Chuck can throw on an apron if we need help in the kitchen,” she said. Whether people have always recognized the role women play, however, is a different story. “You don’t always see the importance of what they’re doing,” Souther said. In a new book by Lebanon author Helen Brody and New England-based photographer Leslie Tuttle, women’s part in the local farming scene is impossible to miss. New Hampshire Women Farmers...

Pigs and NHPR

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“A Pig’s Life: From piglet to pork chop” got a little press today on NHPR’s Foodstuffs segment. I chatted with All Things Considered host Peter Biello about what drove me to pursue this project. Check it out: